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Dance Summer Camps in Reigate

Our first 3 days of Summer School was extremely rewarding, with dance, drama, singing and craft activities for children aged 4 - 11 spread over 3 days. Summer School no. 2 still has a few spaces left (click here).

With 7 teachers and 6 student helpers, all the children were entertained and kept active throughout the days, with a variety of dance styles covered, from modern, acro, musical theatre, to contemporary and street dance. Children were also given arts and crafts activities as well as singing, drama and games.

Day 3 (final day) was an amalgamation of all our hard work and a presentation was given to the parents after a morning of rehearsing. There was so much to show, the performance had to be extended.

We are now looking forward to our 2nd summer school on the 20th, 21st and 22nd August, held at the Reigate Community Centre from 10 - 3.00pm.

Prices start from £3.83 per hour.

Most children take part in all 3 days, but individual days can be arranged. For more info, please see our holiday courses to book.

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