Ballet classes in Reigate 


Reigate Dance Centre provides a huge variety of ballet classes for children from the ages of 18 months to adult, with many classes every day. Ballet provides the best possible start for young children to learn to move and dance. We have many parents say that "....she's not going to be a ballerina", but our young classes provide a real foundation for children to begin coordination and interacting with music, and we do encourage parents to at least try our ballet classes, as they are fun, engaging, have a variety of interaction games and activities, props (toddlers) and a whole lot of mime work for children to begin interpreting different styles of music accompaniment. From there, many children then often try new styles to broaden their horizons. Ballet provides strength, balance, grace and good posture, and we ensure these classes are as fun as our more funky based dance classes such as musical theatre or street.

Our ballet teachers are the best in the area:

  • highly qualified L.I.S.T.D. trained

  • two teachers also trained at the prestigious Royal Ballet School

  • ballet examiners

  • we all believe in fun and motivational classes; happy children learn better


Reigate Dance Centre follows the I.S.T.D. syllabus - one of the largest and most renowned dance boards in the UK. Pupils follow a structured syllabus with our additional content (gained from years and years of experience) to keep classes fun and engage all pupils. All children can take examinations if they wish. We are very proud that we have such a large number of older pupils who still study ballet with us, since starting many years ago, and they appreciate the foundation given to them at an early age. 

To read about our pre-school classes, CLICK HERE

Redhill & Merstham

Ballet classes Redhill

UNIFORM  Pre-School - Grade 1
  • I.S.T.D. Plum leotard

  • I.S.T.D. Plum skirt (chiffon type material with elastic waist)

  • Pink ballet socks

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • RSB t-shirt

UNIFORM  Grades 2 - 4
  • I.S.T.D. Plum leotard

  • I.S.T.D. Plum skirt (wrap-over style)

  • Pink ballet socks or tights

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • RSB t-shirt

  • RSB sweatshirt

UNIFORM  Grades 5 onwards
  • Black leotard - Capezio Princess (plain shoe-string shoulder straps

  • I.S.T.D. Plum skirt (wrap-over style)

  • Pink ballet tights

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • RSB t-shirt

  • RSB sweatshirt


£57.50 per term  (30 min class per week)

£58.50 per term (40 min class per week)

£59.50 per term (45 min class per week)


Please remember your first 3 classes in any dance style are absolutely free.

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