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Reigate Dance FAQ

Your Dance Questions Answered

What dance styles do you teach at Reigate Dance Centre?

Reigate Dance Centre teaches Commercial Street Dance, Modern Dance, Tap Dance, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Musical Theatre and Performing Arts, Toddler Dance classes and Adult Dance and Fitness Classes. All our classes have 3 free classes. 

What age can my child start having dance lessons at Reigate Dance Centre?

Classes can start from as early as 6 months old up to 96 ! We have dance classes every day of the week in Reigate, Redhill and Merstham. 

Where do you teach dance?

Our dance studios operate from multiple locations every day of the week in Reigate, Redhill and Merstham. 

Do you offer free trial classes?

Reigate Dance Centre offers 3 FREE TRIAL CLASSES for all its classes* whether you are new to our school or already taking dance classes and wishing to try something new.

*our babyballet classes offer 3 trial classes for £15


What do the children wear in dance class?

Most of our classes has a specified uniform  and ranges from a t-shirt (supplied by us) to full ballet leotard. Shoes (depending on which class), usually range from ballet shoes, pointe shoes, jazz shoes and trainers. Our commercial street classes has no uniform, and pupils can wear loose comfortable clothing and trainers. For more details on uniform for particular classes, please see the relevant dance class pages for details.


Where can I buy uniform?

Our dance uniforms can be bought locally at SWATS in Reigate, Fame in Redhill or online on our sister school website:

What are your fees?

School clubs start from £45 per term. Our after school dance classes at Reigate Dance Centre are as follows:

  • 30 minute lessons are £55.50

  • 40 minute lessons are £56.50

  • 45 minute lessons are £57.50

prices are per term​

Our Starlight Musical Theatre course is £95 for 2 hours (up to group 3) and our seniors get 1 hour extra per week for free for the same price.


Please see the Merstham Dance classes page for fees in Merstham.

Are parents allowed to watch the classes?

Some of our early years classes have parents involved within the class. For most of our other classes, we recommend parents don't watch after the 1st week as children focus much better. This makes our watching weeks and performances a special event, and children love to show their work. 

Are there any other costs involved apart from the class fees?

Apart from the class fee(s) and uniform (not needed for street dance), there are not other additional fees. All other costs are optional:

SHOWS - If your child wants to take part in shows, the show costume would be a cost, and perhaps the cost of additional rehearsals (these would be explained to you before any commitment is made, but they are all optional).

EXAMINATIONS - Dance examinations are optional. Children who do not take the official I.S.T.D. exams still learn the work and move up with their peers

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