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The Rhythm of Life!

Starting after Easter 2022, we will be giving away 5 FREE TAP CLASSES for children.

Located at the Colman Redland Centre on Wednesdays. 

2 options:

Tap only classes

(30 min per week)


Tap with Musical Theatre 

(1 hour per week)

For more info on this offer and to book, please


Offer starts:



Tap Dance classes in Reigate / Redhill

Reigate Dance Centre offers tap dance classes for children from the age of 4+ in locations around Reigate and Redhill. All lessons for ages 4 - 7 are combination classes (ballet & tap), so that they start learning the basics of both dances. From ages 7 - 8, we offer dedicated Tap classes. We start off by learning the sounds (and names) of individual steps, and then begin combining these steps and moving from one to another slowly. Once the basics are covered, tap dance offers much scope for improvisation.

Tap Dance is a fantastic rhythmic dance style where the tapping feet add to the sound of the music, using specially designed tap shoes. The style is energetic and fun, especially when they develop to graded work.

Reigate & Redhill Tap Dance timetable 

  • Black Capezio Princess leotard (shoestring strap)

  • Any Black leggings or black footless tights

  • RSB t-shirt (available directly from us)

  • RSB sweatshirt (available directly from us)

  • Black jazz shoes (for MODERN)

reigate ballet
tap free

Where are Reigate Dance Centre Tap Dance classes held?

Our Tap classes are held in various locations around Reigate and Redhill. Download our pdf timetable for all our tap class times and locations.

Where can I buy uniform and tap shoes?

Fame of Surrey is a shop selling all dance related clothes and shoes. We don't recommend buying expensive tap shoes when they are young as they will grow out of them quickly. Fame of Surrey can be found on Raffles Bridge, Redhill, Surrey.

At what age can my child start Tap dancing classes?

Our Tap classes start from the ages of 4 (reception) up to young adult age. At the age of 4, we combine our tap classes with ballet so that they get a combination of balance, coordination, musicality and early sequencing. When they get a little older, they can then take tap as a separate discipline.

Are your dance teachers highly trained?

Our staff have a mix of highly qualified I.S.T.D. teachers and/or teachers who have had much commercial dance experience as performers.


Do you offer free trial classes?

Yes we do. Since the school began, Reigate Dance Centre offers 2 free trial classes all year round. There is no catch! We want our children (and parents) to be happy before any commitment is made, and we find parents really appreciate having this time to choose.  

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