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Contemporary Dance Reigate


Reigate Dance Centre excels in offering creative avenues for dance, and Contemporary Dance is a great way to explore the fusion of many styles to create a unique way of moving the body. Our classes are held in Reigate and they provide a firm platform for children to develop their choreographic skills. Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham were the pioneers of contemporary dance, bringing together the elements of ballet, hi-hop and modern.


Contemporary dance can be accompanied to almost limitless styles of music, which makes it popular for children. Also, with so much emphasis on expression, pupils are encouraged to add their own interpretations to the movements creating new choreography, and they love this element!

Reigate Dance Centre currently teaches Contemporary Dance from the ages of 8 upwards and has three classes during the week:

  • Black Capezio Princess leotard with shoe-string shoulder strap          (can be bought at FAME OF SURREY, REDHILL)

  • Any black leggings or black footless tights

  • RSB t-shirt and RSB sweatshirt (directly from us)

  • No footwear

Timetable - Reigate & Redhill

Will Contemporary Dance be suitable for GCSE Dance?

Yes. Many pupils who start dancing when they are older often choose contemporary dance styles as it offers so much improvisation and encourages "different". Those who have had previous ballet experience may be able to execute the movements with more precision, but the style is very popular with teenagers as the choroegraphy is only limited by the imagination, and can be danced to almost any style of music.

Where are Reigate Dance Centre Street Dance classes held?

Most of our Street Dance classes are held at the Colman Redland Centre, Croydon Rd. Reigate on Mondays or Wednesdays. We also have additional classes on Saturdays at Sandcross School, Sandcross Lane, Reigate RH2 8HH.

At what age can my child start Contemporary dance?

We teach contemporary dance from the ages of 8+. It is primarily a mature dance form, and in the 8 - 10 class we improvise with different movements and encourage their own choreographic ideas in a fun and supportive way.

Are your dance teachers highly trained?

All our contemporary dance teachers are a mix of L.I.S.T.D. trained teachers (very highly qualified with the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers - ISTD) and commercial dance experience.

What are the fees?

Depending on the class time, fees for after school classes start from £57.50 per term to £58.50 per term.


Do you offer free trial classes?

Yes we do. Since the school began, Reigate Dance Centre offers 3 free trial classes all year round. There is no catch! We want our children (and parents) to be happy before any commitment is made, and we find parents really appreciate having this time to choose.  

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