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Starlight full course

SATURDAY full course 

Performing Arts classes in Reigate & Redhill

singing classes reigate
acting classes reigate

Reigate Dance’s Centre's Musical Theatre classes provide a full and enriching combination of singing, dancing and acting for children, in five age-appropriate classes from the ages of 4 (reception) to 16. This popular course explores all styles of dance and singing through the medium of musical theatre in a fun-filled Saturday morning. Our teachers are industry professionals and West End performers, who develop the children to grow in confidence, improve their stagecraft and co-ordination, and above all ensure everyone has FUN! 


Reigate Dance Centre's courses are an ideal way to make new friends with like-minded children, and they provide every individual with heightened confidence, co-ordination and many other life skills. 


This course is ideal for children who want to combine singing, dancing and acting in one class, and for those who already have dance classes and want to further their stagecraft by adding drama and singing. For children who want to expand their performing skills in musical theatre and improve their overall then this is the course for you. 

Singing, Dancing, Acting classes Reigate


  • Industry standard teachers – this slogan is used by many dance schools. Our teachers have really performed, and being ex West End performers and vocational school instructors, you get teachers with top industry performing and teaching knowledge with experienced teachers also


  • Lots & lots of performing opportunities - that's why they're here right?  These range from in-house performances to over 12 at Harlequin Theatre (mini shows / huge bi-annual shows / variety shows and workshops), various venues in Reigate, and for those who have extra dance classes perform in other prestigious gigs on Pasha’s tour (Redhill), Royal Albert Hall, and other high-brow shows


  • Our own full Musical Production, produced and directed by Reigate Dance Centre teachers and  visiting staff - these are optional, but highly entertaining and affordable

  • Optional LAMDA classes

  • Optional private SINGING classes available


  • During the course, children are taught by different specialist teachers for dance, drama and singing, not one teacher for all disciplines


  • We believe children should learn with their own age groups (no large age-ranges within one class). However, there are times we do need a mix of small children with the older children depending on the musical we are producing at the time


  • Our musical theatre course provides a solid training at a fraction of the cost of many franchise based courses! We are realistic in that those children who want to go into the industry will not get enough experience through this one course (no single musical theatre course can do that). Which is why we charge less so that children who are interested in a career, can expand their skills with extra dance and (possibly) singing classes. Quality training does not have to demand a premium price


  • Finally, we pride ourselves on children staying with us throughout the course. Many of our older group 5’s have been with us since they were 5 years of age (over 9 years). We are so proud of the family atmosphere created, and this provides a happy stimulus for children to thrive and feel they can be themselves


We provide theatre dance classes during the week which compliment this course, including Modern Jazz and Tap. However, ballet, contemporary and commercial street dance are taken by many of our pupils during the week.


Reigate Community Centre (behind Morrisons), Reigate, Surrey. 


9.00 - 10.30am (younger groups)

10.30 - 12.00 (older groups)


  • Starlight t-shirt (available directly from us)

  • any black leggins (girls) or jazz black trousers (boys)

  • black jazz shoes

Starlight TOTS

starlight foundations

Starlight Foundations provides the perfect start for children aged 4 upwards to learn the core principles of Musical Theatre. As well as providing a fun environment to grow and develop, learning exciting routines from a variety of musicals from traditional to current, the fundamentals of technique is taught, so that routines can develop later.

We do have a foundations course on Saturdays also. 

Musical Theatre (Mon & Wed)
bringing dance / drama / singing together so the basics of performing are learnt
Modern Jazz (Mon & Wed)
learning core technique so that children have the skills to develop when they get older
Tap Dance (Wed foundation only)
learning one of the most rhythmical styles of theatre dance

All our foundation courses are run by ex West End performers (Mamma Mia, Cats, Ghost, We Will Rock You, West Side Story), so  your child will receive the best training in the area, and hope end up loving to perform.

Offer starts on Wed 20th April up to 25th May - T's and Cs apply.


SINGING & Lamda 

Private & Group Singing

Singing is taught within our Starlight classes in groups, focusing on breath control, diction, using the diaphragm correctly, and projection. Stylisation and learning to sing in harmony are also covered.


For children who want to develop their solo voice further, we offer singing lessons individually or in small groups of 2 - 3. We have 2 singing teachers who are involved with our Starlighters, who are professionals in their own right, with many years of teaching / professional experience.   


For more information, please email us. 


For those who want to further their drama, we offer the Lamda examination syllabus to students from September 2018. Lamda exam coaching takes place on Saturday mornings from 11am, continuing on from Starlight Performing Arts, and available to groups 2, 3, 4 & 5 as well as anyone else attending classes at Reigate Dance Centre. 

  • Grade 1: 11.00 – 11.20am

  • Grade 2: 11.20 – 11.40am

  • Grade 3: 11.40 – 12.00am

  • Grade 4 upwards: 12.00 – 12.30pm

All children who are interested in attending these classes will be assessed individually to determine the correct grade for them.

Lamda Reigate Dance Cente


Reigate Dance Centre (in association with Genesis Productions), stage a full-scale musical from time to time. This brings together all the elements from our full course, drama and singing lessons, and enhances key performance skills in every pupil as well as being a lot of fun!

Each musical is a fully costumed production, with directors and tech crew from London. All our musicals are staged at the Harlequin Theatre Redhill and chorus and main parts are open to anyone aged 8 and above. Main parts are auditioned at the end of the summer term, with rehearsals for each production starting in September.

For more details on our current and/or forthcoming production, please visit our Youth Theatre page.

young musical theatre - web.jpg


Where is Reigate Dance Centre /  Starlight Performing Arts held?

Saturdays - Musical Theatre classes are held in the Reigate Community Centre behind Morrisons, Reigate

Mondays - Colman Redland Centre, Reigate

How long are the classes?

Our Saturday main course is 1.5 hrs per week. The Monday short course is 40 mins per week. 

What do the classes involve?

in the younger classes, children receive 35 mins for each discipline - drama, singing and dancing/staging classes. Our older groups receive 55 mins of each discipline. Children are taught stagecraft, performance skills, voice projection, movement, musical interpretation, which leads to greater confidence in each child. Every discipline has a specialist teacher.


Will my child be ready for a possible career in the industry?

We truly believe we offer the most value for money course in the area, without compromise. Firstly, many of our teachers are ex West End performers and experienced teachers so we are able to pass tricks from experienced performers. Secondly, if any child has any aspirations of being a performer, they have to be an all-rounder. No standalone musical theatre course will prepare you for the industry, as they need to have a firm grounding in structured dance classes, so we make our course financially viable for children to further their skills with extra dance (and other) classes. Our course is intended for anyone who likes to perform on stage (either without previous training or for those wishing to combine their dance training with vocal and drama combined).

Do you offer free trial classes?

Yes we do. Since the school began, Reigate Dance Centre offers 2 free trial classes all year round. There is no catch! We want our children (and parents) to be happy before any commitment is made, and we find parents really appreciate having this time to choose.  

Is there a uniform?

Children need a Starlight T-shirt, jazz black trousers (boys) or black leggins (girls) and black Jazz shoes. During your first 3 free trial classes, we do not expect you to buy any uniform, and any black trousers/leggins, t-shirt and trainers will be fine.

Is there a waiting area?

The Reigate Community Centre has a cafe run by volunteers. The hall is literally behind Morrisons and in the heart of Reigate Town Centre, so ideal for parents.

Can parents watch?

Parents don't watch usually as we find each child finds their own feet and confidence very quickly when parents are not present. If your child is new and nervous, we have many helpers who will look after them from start to finish while they become accustomed to the new classes. If you are worried, you are more than welcome to stay in the cafe area so that we can contact you easily.

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