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Modern Dance classes in Reigate / Redhill


Reigate Dance Centre teaches Modern Jazz in 3 age specific classes, with the option to add Acro Dance to their skills also. 

Modern Dance first emerged in the early 20th Century and rebelled against the confines of the technical nature of ballet training, resulting in a more freestyle movement. Today, Modern Jazz Dance is an ever changing style that merges many styles, and together with Contemporary / Lyrical, is very influential in today's dance world. Modern and Tap Dance are used extensively in musical theatre, and with ballet, gives dancers a firm grounding in dance.

Reigate Dance Centre teaches a freestyle Modern that embraces the freestyle element from when it was first conceived, featuring high kicks, leaps, turns and travelling steps.

  • Black Capezio Princess leotard (shoestring strap)

  • Any Black leggings or black footless tights

  • RSB t-shirt (available directly from us)

  • RSB sweatshirt (available directly from us)

  • Black jazz shoes (for MODERN)

Modern Dance timetable - Reigate & Redhill

What is the difference between Street and Modern Dance classes?

Modern Dance are skills used in Musical Theatre dance routines (although some musicals do require a little commercial street also). Commercial Street is the type of dance used in current music videos and commercial TV. For learning technique, Modern is useful at a young age as it teaches the core skils for later, but many of our pupils take both classes (or Ballet and Street) so that they get the best of both worlds - current choreography while still improving their technique. For more info, please call us and we can advise on the best option for your son / daughter.

Where are Reigate Dance Centre Modern Dance classes held?

Our Modern Jazz Dance classes are held at the Colman Redland Centre, Croydon Rd. Reigate on Mondays.

At what age can my child start Modern dancing classes?

Modern Dance classes start from the ages of 4 (reception) up to teenage years.

Are your dance teachers highly trained?

Our staff have a mix of highly qualified teachers and teachers who have much commercial dance experience. One of our teachers still performs which enables our older pupils to receive current choreography.


Do you offer free trial classes?

Yes we do. Since the school began, Reigate Dance Centre offers 3 free trial classes all year round. There is no catch! We want our children (and parents) to be happy before any commitment is made, and we find parents really appreciate having this time to choose.  

Can parents watch?

Parents don't watch usually as we find each child finds their own feet and confidence very quickly when parents are not present. If you are worried, you are more than welcome to stay outside in the foyer so that we can call you if need be.

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