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Reigate Youth Musical Theatre is the Youth Musical Theatre division of Reigate Dance Centre (in association with Genesis Productions), training children and teenagers from ages 8 to 18, to become young performers in singing, dancing and acting in Reigate and Redhill. 


With many years of professional experience in the West End and a huge amount of teaching experience, our team provide a thorough platform for children to learn the fundamentals of theatre and stagecraft through combining their singing, drama and dancing in full-scale musicals. Our staff are not only performers, but also inspiring teachers who know how to "teach" and bring the best out of children, ensuring they achieve their maximum potential. 

We are also an ethical company that "does exactly what it says on the tin", offering tuition and staging at real affordable prices without compromising on production value. All musicals are performed at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill.





private tuition

Our complete training provides fun & thorough musical theatre tuition, backed by theatrical opportunities and support. 

Whether you're interested in attending our 2 or 3 hour weekly course, or simply become a part of our current production cast, or want extra tuition in singing, dancing or acting, we can provide it all.

For those who are serious about a career in theatre, we know too well that children need to be all-round performers in dance, singing and acting, and this cannot be done through productions alone. We offer a complete grounding in all theatrical performance training with industry professionals who have taught at leading vocational stage schools and performed in the West End and other prestigious venues. 


However, for many children who enjoy performing and simply want to extend what they do at their academic schools, any of our 3 stages are suitable, or you can do them all! Our prices will surprise you - in a positive way!



Our Starlight performing arts course caters for ages 4 - 16, and teaches singing, dancing and acting whatever your standard. These classes are on Saturday mornings from 9 - 11am (or 9 - 12 for seniors) at an affordable £95 per term. For more info, please visit our Musical Theatre page.


As a dance school, we are committed to enlarging the performance opportunities for children, and expanding their experiences with full-scale productions performed locally in a professional theatre. Production rehearsals take approximately 1 term, with auditions in the previous term, and culminate in performances at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill.  These productions have a real fun and family atmosphere, with sets, props, costumes and the backing of a professional theatre technical crew. Both rehearsals AND performances are in the Reigate & Redhill areas - we are LOCAL. 


Children have the option to take private lessons on a 1:1 basis (or in small groups) to further develop their skills. For more information on lessons, please contact us.

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