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Reigate Dance Centre is a place where children can unleash their creativity in dance, drama and singing    in Reigate and Redhill, and be who they want to be. 


Led by an award winning team of dance professionals and teachers, children develop their personalities and confidence through the performing arts with like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment, while making friends for life. 


We encourage and support every child to achieve their personal goals, and prepare them to be confident individuals. 


We teach structured dance classes in all styles from Ballet and Acro to Hip-Hop and Tap, to over a thousand local children. Our family ethos is created within our dance school alongside our extras such as Summer and Easter schools, film nights, parties, theatre trips and workshops during the holidays. 


Reigate Dance Centre is the commercial dance division of RSB Dance Schools in Reigate, Redhill and Merstham, and a great avenue for children to learn dancing, singing, acting and performing arts. We offer:


As one of the longest established dance schools in the area, our aim is to provide a happy environment for children to be who they want to be, where confidence could be developed by losing their inhibitions so that they could be allowed to show their creativity within a supportive family.

As a result, our children learn current commercial trends in dance, provided by teachers who have had (and still have) professional careers, within a nurturing and caring establishment. Our children learn to respect one another, grow as a unit, and many make friends for life.

We are not a jack of all trades school, and do NOT offer classes in art forms such as Yoga or Pilates. We are a dedicated dance and performing arts centre - dance is what we do best and we have years of experience nurturing and supporting children. As well as dance lessons, Reigate Dance Centre provides singing and acting classes, plus stretching and limbering classes and acrobatics.


WE OFFER 3 FREE TRIAL CLASSES throughout the year for almost all our