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Reigate Ballet Superheroes!

So many Hollywood stars have ballet to thank for their rise to stardom. Their roles may not be Swan Lake, but their core training has stood them in good stead in physical and demanding roles - bring on the Super Heroes!

Reigate Dance Centre have a wealth of experience in training children the art of ballet from the ages of 3 to 18 and adult, and although many diversify and train in commercial street, musical theatre etc, the ballet provides the framework.

Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman requires her to walk with conviction - long purposeful strides that acting alone cannot possibly achieve. Many of the stars below have had years of dance and specifically ballet, that has allowed them to perform these roles with conviction, and certainly a large part of achieving those big roles. The strength needed for many of these roles is achieved only through ballet, as it provides the appearance of strength and elegance in one.

Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy), Tom Holland (from Billy Elliot to Spiderman) Tatum Channing (from Step Up to Magic Mike) Charlize Theron (Joffrey Ballet to Atomic Blonde) Jennifer Garner (Michael Jackson's Thriller in 13 Going on 30) Ryan Gosling (Mickey Mouse Club to La La Land) Catherine Zeta Jones (Chicago)

Ballet may not be as exciting or fast flowing as some other dance forms, and it certainly isn't a quick fix. The many of years of training needed to achieve the subtlety and artistry required on stage gives companies with the reassurance that the individual is keen, hard working and committed. However, alongside other dance forms, it provides children with so many opportunities and attributes for employers to feel positive about, whether they become a team player, a team leader or the future Super Hero.

With persistence, the benefits will be so rewarding.

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