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Dance Classes Near Me Contemporary

Dance Classes Near Me Contemporary

Contemporary Dance is one of Reigate's most popular dance styles for children within our academy school, with classes based in Reigate, Surrey. It offer a unique balance of free expression through movement, led by our ex performing teachers. Contemporary dance was conceived by Isadora Duncan, who developed the style as an alternative to ballet, and in it's infancy, derived a lot from ballet.

Martha Graham later popularized the style, and soon became a style in it's own, and today has real impact amongst teenagers, who can express the movements of the track with fluid and creative choreography, and can almost be danced to any style of music, making it a popular GCSE Dance style. No movement is "wrong" as it's a fabulous freedom in expressionism through dance.

Many girls at our dance school derive much from our contemporary classes for their GCSE inspirations, and the majority (but not all) take ballet as well, as it executes the movements with more stylistic grace. However no formal dance training is necessary to dance contemporary, making it popular in the senior age groups, and a welcome alternative to commercial street dance.

Reigate Dance Centre have many contemporary dance classes for children throughout the week form Junior age right up to students and we are open to all new pupils, offering 2 free consecutive trials as standard.

For more information on our classes, please visit our contemporary dance page


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