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Commercial Street Dance classes growing in Reigate

Street Dance has many faces and continues to evolve, similar to the music scene. Every style is evolved from another to form unique styles, and it's great to see this development. The commercial dancer's world also needs to keep up with new styles, but it is extremely important for children to learn the basics and learn them well. Without the basic movements (which these newer styles fall back on) the current dancer will lack the skill and interpretation skills to not only copy, but to develop for themselves.

At Reigate Dance Centre, we equip our children and students with real commercial trends - our teachers are extremely highly trained to interpret these new movements and pass on to the children. We believe in teaching them the "current" movements that are used in pop music videos and television (which requires a very versatile dancer to keep working in an ever changing industry). Our "commercial street" teachers have worked professionally, and our children currently receive tuition from someone who currently works in the industry - you don't get much more current than that! This industry commercial training is vital for pupils to show their versatility, and alongside ballet and theatre dance develops the complete dancer.

However, not everyone want to become a dancer as a career - we know that. That's why we make our classes fun, not only for the young ones but the students as well. Just see the video to see a sample of our current student work.

Our Street classes start from ages 4/5 upwards and are proving to be very popular. We also believe in equipping our future children with the extra skills that gives them the edge, including dance acrobatics and increased flexibility classes at a young age.

Our street classes are in 4 categories:

  • MINI STREET - ages 4/5 - 7

  • JUNIOR STREET - ages 8 - 10

  • SENIOR STREET - ages 11 - 13/14

  • STUDENT STREET - ages 15 - adult

We are the only dance school to offer commercial classes taught by current performers and also to offer the full range of commercial, theatrical and balletic styles.

Try something new today - we offer 3 free trial classes as standard without any obligation


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