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Singing, Drama & Dancing classes at Reigate

sing classes reigate

Performing arts has long been associated with classes combining singing, dancing and acting, and our Musical Theatre classes are ideal for those who enjoy performing in Reigate and Redhill.

As well as being a whole lot of fun, these classes ensure pupils learn to interact with like-minded children of their own ages, learning about world issues through song and improvisation. Learning about ourselves, historical events, negative issues such as greed, poverty and antagonism as well as positive issues such as sharing and caring can be tackled head on through songs, drama and dance. We really believe this, and it can start from as early as age 4 - it worked for Horrible Histories!

drama classes reigate

With the arts being cut in schools, we find it extremely important for children to learn all these elements (and more) and creativity is born. We are all different and our classes allow shy children to have the time to be different and slowly find their confidence in a supportive environment with teachers who really know their craft, while confident children find another side to their personalities.

By socially integrating with children who may not necessarily be in their academic schools, our children learn to socialize with everyone, and we have often seen a transformation of confidence developing while learning in a fun situation.


In our singing classes, they learn how to project their voice, look after their voice box (especially when they start their teenage years), diction, poise and balance, interpretation, and many other musical elements and how they affect the song's meaning. They learn great warm-ups that teach them how "to speak" and "sing" and not to be shy of their voice. Furthermore, they learn to respect each other within the groups


Using our bodies to project how we feel without the luxury of words is a powerful tool. Our classes have a real mixture of those who have dance classes within RSB and outside, and those who have never danced before. Everyone is made to feel equal within our family, but we do work them hard!


Our drama classes bring out the performer in our individuals, and add another dimension to their singing and dancing, encapsulating all 3 disciplines to make a whole performer. Mime, improvisation, comedy, tragedy, and many more elements combined with having the confidence to show your emotions, both in group/partner work and as an individual.

Many of our older pupils have been with us since they were very young, and it has been great to see them all develop as confident and creative people - qualities which we are sure that will be beneficial for them for life.

For more info, please visit our Musical Theatre page to see our video - we're sure you won't be disappointed!

dancing classes reigate

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