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Dance Gymnastic Troupe in Reigate

Acro dance gymnastics reigate

Reigate Dance Centre has started a brand new "experienced" Acro Dance troupe in Reigate, for children with previous gymnastic experience who would like to incorporate lyrical / street dance with their acro skills.

Reigate Dance Centre already offers beginner acro classes alongside its mainstream dance classes for ages 4 and above, and this class will now give those who do gymnastics elsewhere to learn some choreography and amalgamate their existing skills in a fused dance/acro piece.

Already, we have a performance event lined up for this class so that they can immediately show off their first ever combined piece, and this is an exciting time for everyone. Our first class looked at what everyone can do - tricks, tumbles etc. and then a unique piece will be made to show off these elements.

The class is taught by an Acrobatic Arts instructor and current professional dancer, and will be a welcome addition to the huge lineup of artistic and dance styles already on offer at the dance school. This class is not a replacement for their current gymnastic classes - we want to bring their skills into a musical and movement choreographed piece, where they have the opportunity to shine.

The class is open to a wide range of ages dependent on their gymnastic level. Some children attend having had formal gymnastic training while others know some tricks and want to use them in a bigger piece.

If you have done gymnastics for some years and/or you can do some acro, and you are interested in joining this class, please come and see us, or email us for more information. It does help if you have had some dance training but not essential at this stage.

At present the class is at 4.30pm on Tuesdays, but we may be able to move the time at least to a later slot to suit every individual. If you are interested but are unable to do this time or day, please let us know - new classes are always subject to change for the benefit of parents.

DAY: Tuesdays

TIME: 4.30 - 5.15pm (may be subject to change)

VENUE: Reigate Parish School

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