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Dance classes for Boys in Reigate

Reigate has a steady rise of boys participating in dance, and the stigma of dance in general is becoming less and less with the rise in popularity of shows like Just Dance, Street Dance groups such as Diversity, Flawless, and male celebrities on STRICTLY COME DANCING.

boys dance reigate

And why not? Dance has proven to be an extremely physical form of fitness with a large artistic element attached, and physical forms of commercial dance are proving popular with boys.

"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer"

At Reigate Dance Centre, we thrive on the physicality that dance can offer, with a current working commercial dancer heading our Street & Hip-Hop styles. Additionally, we don't just teach a few tricks on the side - Reigate Dance Centre provides a thorough Acrobatics course to compliment all our commercial programmes, so that both boys and girls can excel.

"We don't believe in offering a quick fix to pull in children - we think long term!"

With a structured Commercial Dance division alongside a renowned Acrobatics programme that is dance related, Reigate Dance Centre provides complete physical dance training.


Street Dance has always been popular with boys, with a continuous flow of groups in this field. However, children need to be realistic about how much work is needed to get to the level of these groups, and takes years (not weeks) to reach the strength and stamina needed for these routines, even without any tricks.


As well as the popular commercial dance, tap dancing has made a renaissance. Tap Dance is a very rhythmical (as well as physical) form of dance, and really suits children who love to feel the beats and add to the beats of the music. Tap can be in the traditional format (shows such as 42nd Street) or with a more urban slant with groups such as Tap Dogs popularizing this new wave of tappers. See Tap Dogs videos.

Musical children often get drawn into tap, as it has a fantastic rhythmical feel that the performer contributes to the music - it also doesn't have the stigma of some other forms of dance.

We are embracing children who love to dance and are currently offering FIVE FREE CLASSES for children aged 6+ in Tap.


Another way to gently bring dance into the realm of boys is through Musical Theatre. We have a large group of boys in our theatre classes, and is a great way to start moving with the added bonus of singing and drama thrown in. Being other characters (depending on the musical), is accepted for many boys, and we make our courses extremely reasonable, so that boys and girls can further their dance training with extra classes.


Of all the dance forms, ballet has probably the biggest stigma of all, partly due to the traditional costumes in the most popular ballets performed. It is extremely elegant, and is the basis of all dance training in the commercial world, but try saying that to a boy. Matthew Bourne is one of the many choreographers who defies tradition, and goes a long way to bring ballet to the masses. But the dance world in general still has some way to go before we have equal boy/girl dance classes.

Dance in school has grown and has raised the profile of dance for children who may not otherwise experience this art form. However, much of this is taught by non-trained dancers, and can sometimes be detrimental also for pupils to take dance seriously.

To learn, boys are best to try out classes (many come with their friends), and this helps with the early classes - we offer 3 free trials, which really helps families decide which dance form is best for their boy.

The dance world needs more boys in general. Dance needs to be accessible to all with suitable and fresh choreography to match. At Reigate Dance Centre we are constantly updating our routines each year according to commercial trends, while retaining the fact that dance is a slow burner (not a quick fix). As a male grown-up professional dancer, you currently have much less competition than the girls to get into the industry, so it's time to have equal competition, and get the boys dancing.


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