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Dance classes for 3 year olds near me

ballet 3 year olds Reigate

Ballet still remains the most popular choice for 3 year olds to start dancing. At Reigate Dance Centre, we have a multitude of classes to choose from, and many introduce general dance for this young age group to benefit children. But why is dance, and primarily ballet important for children at such a young age?


Even from the ages of 18 months or 2 years, ballet provides children with stability, social interaction, coordination, and the ability to engage with the side of the brain that deals with interpretation and creativity.

It also brings some strength into key areas of the body - Reigate Dance Centre (who teaches dance up to teenagers and adult age) acknowledge that it takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer. A real mix of sport and art that really benefits children's learning, while not even being aware of it.


Reigate Dance Centre is a part of the RSB Dance Schools, and have a long and well-respected formula that works for young children. With over 29 toddler dance classes per week, local parents agree that the benefits are huge. Whether you choose babyballet or our own established classes for ballet and general dance, the ability to interact with music brings engages kids with the outside world in a positive way, and they love it! When they have the coordination needed at this age, the children have the skills necessary (balance, coordination, remembering short sequences) to move on to the next step, including basic stylised classes such as street dance and tap.

For more information on our 3 year old dance classes (or even our 18 month classes), please visit our toddler dance page for weekly classes.

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