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Children's Street Dance Classes Reigate

Reigate Dance Centre provides a fresh and energetic street dance classes for children in Reigate and Merstham, focusing on coordination and fundamental street steps, while allowing some freestyle work and creativity at an early age. All Reigate Dance Centre street classes are taught by current commercial dancers / teachers currently working as industry professional dancers, ensuring our children receive the most current dance steps fresh from the industry.

children's street dance classes reigate

The same teachers also teach all the way through the school to student level (ages 15 - 18), so our 4 - 7 year old classes receive the continuity in development.

Our Street styles are fun at all accounts, and engage all children to move to various appropriate urban music, with moving to the beat with their bodies being of prime importance early on. We provide a real family ethos within the school, and this is reflected with our senior students assisting the main teacher in our mini children (ages 4 - 7). The children love this interaction!

Our Street classes are divided into age groups:

MINI STREET (ages 4 - 7)

JUNIOR STREET (ages 8 - 10)

SENIOR STREET (ages 11 - 14)

STUDENT STREET (ages 15 - 18)

All our street dance children perform in watching weeks for parents to see their progression, which also allows interaction with the teacher. They also have the opportunity to perform in our main shows:

1) our bi-annual show at the Harlequin (up to 6 shows, although "Mini" children perform in 2 show)

2) Our "MINI" show - which brings together all our non-syllabus classes such as modern jazz, acro, street, contemporary and musical theatre performing every year (while our ballet and tap children continue with their syllabus work).

There are also many opportunities for the children to perform in many other events, depending on whether they are involved in other dance disciplines.

For more info on our classes, prices, locations, please visit our STREET DANCE PAGE.

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