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Singing & Dancing Musical Theatre Classes expand in Reigate

Starlight Musical Theatre, run by the RSB Dance Schools in Reigate, is expanding to cater for younger children from as young as 2 years of age.

Our mid-week short courses cater for our younger children who are either too young for our main Saturday course or for those who find two hours a little long. These classes are ideal as an addition to ballet classes or an early alternative for reinforcing rhythm, developing their huge imaginations, and opening up a whole new world of music and co-ordination, through call and response, patterning in dance & music.


Our Starlight Tots classes are on Wednesday mornings at the Reigate Community Centre. We have two pre-school classes:

  • 10.00 - 10.30: Ages 2 - 3 with parents actively involved

  • 10.35 - 11.05: Ages 3 - 4 (pre-school) without parents

These are energetic fun-filled classes which bring the excitement of movement and music together, and are taught by an experienced and motivational teacher.

Starlight MINI Musical Theatre classes Reigate



Our Starlight Mini classes are part of our MINI range of classes (which also include Street Dance, Modern, Tap and Acro Dance) that bring the elements of singing, drama and dance in one fun engaging musical theatre class. Carefully chosen songs and exercises are taught to enhance their early performing development in a supportive and fun environment. Children learn to:

1) have FUN!

2) be aware of the beats in music, using a variety of genres of music

3) dance using structured choreography

4) find their voice and pitching

5) grow in confidence

6) develop their projection without over use of their voices

7) grow in themselves and their understanding through drama mimes and improvisation

7) multitask and unknowingly begin to hone their performance skills....

...leading to happy, confident children who can freely express themselves.

At the moment we have 5 FREE classes for our new Starlight Mini course, which start on February 27th 2019 for 5 weeks. Classes are on Wednesdays at 3.40 - 4.20pm.

To book, please email us.

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